Charter of trust: the twin pillars of digital transformation, trust and co-operation

10:40 / 11:25  -  Petit Auditorium

The Charter of Trust represents an unprecedented cybersecurity initiative signed by 16 companies who call for binding rules and standards to ensure greater digital security and integrity in both the public and private sectors.

Cloud, Edge Computing… who is it for? What is it for?

11:00  / 11:30  -  Salon d’Honneur

As connected objects become increasingly ubiquitous, we need to rethink traditional models of Cloud Computing such as, for example, processing data as close as possible to its original source. What strategies should be adopted, especially for SMEs?

Protecting industrial systems and the IoT

11:30 / 11:50  -  Petit Auditorium

How can you effectively protect Windows/Linux servers linked to industrial PLCs and data concentrator servers in the IoT: whether they are specific to your own industrial infrastructure or provided ‘as a service’ through the Cloud?

What is ‘Smart Data’?

11:55 / 12:15  -  Petit Auditorium

Security, the IoT, new kinds of data sources, artificial intelligence... these days they’re all essential, but they’re not the only aspects of ‘Smart Data’.

Edge Analytics

11:55 / 12:15  -  Salle des Colonnes

As the latest technological advances transform your equipment into intelligent machines, man-machine collaboration is becoming a two-way process.

Machine Learning at the heart of Industry 4.0

12:10  / 12:30  -  Grand Auditorium

How do you tackle the four main pillars of industry and speed up transformation using Machine Learning?

The convergence between High-Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data Analytics (BDA) and quantum computing

12:10 / 12:30  -  Salon d’Honneur

The convergence between High-Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data Analytics (BDA) and quantum computing is now under way. It will enable algorithms to be scaled up, parallel processes to be executed, data management to be even further automated and high-performance networks to be built... all at an affordable price.

The Smart Connected Factory

14:00 / 14:20  -  Salle des Colonnes

In the current highly competitive environment, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency and quality of their products. What’s needed is a better and more collaborative way to manage manufacturing processes.

A common infrastructure strategy for Cloud and Edge Computing: a real possiblity!

14:20 / 14:40  -  Grand Auditorium

More and more data is being generated outside data centers. And processing it locally, at the point where it is collected, is becoming essential. A distributed infrastructure – leveraging existing investments and meeting your security, cost and scalability requirements – is a real value proposition that could be applied to all kinds of IoT use cases.

Successfully implementing cyber-security

14:20 / 14:50  -  Salon Napoleon

Taking four different but complementary solutions as its starting point, this discussion aims to highlight the various aspects of successful cyber-security.

Getting the most from a world of data: a real technological challenge

14:40 / 15:10  -  Grand Auditorium

Above and beyond just gathering data, you still need to equip yourself with the essential tools (AI, data lakes, blockchain, analytics...) to implement a manufacturing strategy that delivers real value.

Moving towards autonomous factories

14:50 / 15:10  -  Salon Napoleon

With the prospect of massive productivity improvements in very short timescales, what technologies should you be considering, what roadmap should you be following… and why are autonomous factories set to catch on much more quickly than autonomous vehicles?

Machine Learning in industry: real-life case studies

14:50 / 15:10  -  Petit Auditorium

Using Machine Learning, expert systems and analytics technologies combined with Big Data seems like a natural progression. Real-life case studies featuring Machine Learning.

Industry 4.0: real-life IoT use cases

15:15 / 15:35  -  Petit Auditorium

The IoT is nothing new in manufacturing environments. But what it is – as part of a broader digital transformation – is an essential close collaboration between IT and operational teams. Come and find out how it is being successfully implemented in various real-life case studies.

Cyber-security: an essential element of every IT project

15:20 / 15:50  -  Grand Auditorium

The technological challenge for industry in the future is to build infrastructures that maintain the security of innovative manufacturing processes without having any impact on their agility. An infrastructure where the identities of everyone involved are proven and guaranteed, where all actions are fully traceable and where all systems are secure.

IoT in industry

15:20 / 15:40  -  Salon Napoleon

From IoT to IioT (the Industrial Internet of Things): or how to transform an existing installation into a connected industrial object, so it can be integrated into your digital strategy.

Achieving successful digital transformation by winning the support of the people involved

15:40 / 16:00  -  Petit Auditorium

Improving the user experience is still the best way to win the support of machine operators and achieve successful corporate digital transformation.

Artificial intelligence for manufacturing?

15:50 / 16:10  -  Grand Auditorium

Industrial IOT & Edge Computing: the Holy Grail of Digital

16:05 / 16:25  -  Petit Auditorium

The need to plan for increasing Edge Computing and IoT is about enabling entirely new efficiencies and experiences. We have only scratched the surface on what’s possible so it’s important to be architecting for the future. Please join the session if you are interested to know how extending cloud-native principles to the edge will enable agility and scale regardless of where workloads run. (worshop in english)

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