Robots in the age of 4.0

10:40 / 11:00  -  Salle des Colonnes

The Industry 4.0 revolution is now extending to the world of mechanics, especially robotics. There’s no longer much point in using specific controllers, as axis maps are now being used to directly control mechanical installations: creating a direct link to the world of data management.

Using a Digital Twin in an industrial process as a predictive sensor and co-pilot

11:05 / 11:25  -  Salle des Colonnes

A Digital Twin can be used virtually to mimic fundamental industrial production processes (bio-transformations, calcination, bio-processes...). Modelling and a thorough understanding of a process can enable you to predict and easily manage its behavior. Explore some real-life case studies.

Consider digital twinning, even for existing set-ups

11:15 / 11:50  -  Grand Auditorium

Once you understand the concept of digital twinning, there’s nothing to stop you starting with a blank sheet of paper to capitalise on the benefits of total digital continuity.

A digital twin for every client

11:30 / 11:50  -  Salle des Colonnes

The simple term ‘digital twin’ hides a huge range of different technologies and client configurations. Whether you’re an integrator, an OEM or an engineering firm, there’s an appropriate solution for your needs, based on a common platform.

The wheels of the industrial revolution 4.0 are in motion…

11:50 / 12:10  -  Grand Auditorium

The implementation of 3D printing technologies is reinventing every kind of possibility and fundamentally transforming production, by providing solutions that address current and future manufacturing challenges.

Using digital tools in designing 4.0 generation cabinets

14:25 / 14:45  -  Petit Auditorium

Automation and electrical engineering are starting to converge when it comes to the design of control cabinets. From the creation of a Digital Twin, to the automation of the manufacturing process for cabinets, how can you ensure digital continuity at the heart of the factory of the future?

The additive platform of the future

14:25 / 14:45  -  Salle des Colonnes

Combined with materials removal technologies, a whole new phase in additive manufacturing has been achieved with the production of parts made from composite materials on 8-axis platforms: opening up exciting new opportunities for manufacturers.

Tomorrow’s digital, augmented operator

14:35 / 15:10  -  Salon d’Honneur

In industry, throughout its history, operators have been in charge of machines. Now we’re in an age of interaction between operators and machines: an operator can be working with several machines at once, and can be assisted in their tasks by robots and technologies such as augmented/virtual reality.

Digitalisation can be immediately effective and accessible

14:50 / 15:10  -  Salle des Colonnes

How can you support manufacturers in the successful implementation of digital solutions: by collaborating and sharing experience in manufacturing and expertise in industrial hardware and software?

3D printing: reinventing how you design and manufacture your products

15:15 / 15:35  -  Salle des Colonnes

Find out more about the materials currently available and the post-processing options open to you, as well as examples of 3D printing applications.

Integrating 4.0 technologies into cooling systems for control cabinets

15:20 / 15:40  -  Salon d’Honneur

Communications interfaces are increasingly being integrated into modern air-conditioning systems: so you can manage energy consumption more effectively, consider predictive maintenance... The A/C unit is becoming just another component of the IoT.

Managing Predictive Maintenance

15:40 / 16:10  -  Salon d’Honneur

Automating predictive models in industrial settings opens up many new opportunities to optimise maintenance activities. By anticipating technical failures, reducing risks, optimising production lines and much more, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming a powerful tool to maximise resource utilisation and cut costs.

Virtual Commissioning of production machinery and packaging lines

16:10 / 16:30  -  Salon d’Honneur

Automation is providing interfaces and bringing the 3D geometry of production lines to life: enabling the creation of true ‘digital twins’ of packaging machines (using localised information signage). Being able to realistically reproduce the way the machinery ‘behaves’ means it can be started up more quickly while increasing reliability and efficiency.

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