Atos and Siemens, in partnership with the CEA, want to join forces with innovators to digitise and revolutionise the industry, construction and energy sectors. Out of this shared goal came the Digital Industry Award, a call for submissions driven by a common watchword: collaboration.

Over the course of several months, the most ‘disruptive' start-ups will be supported by mentors from Atos and Siemens in perfecting their solution, most notably via the MindSphere platform.

The finalists will also win a stand in the Digital Industry Summit start-up village: a great opportunity to boost the visibility of your start-up and meet potential customers.

4 topics, 5 winners ... Now it's over to you!

At the grand final the jury, composed of experts from Atos and Siemens, nominated a winner in each category as well as a « Coup de Coeur  » (judges'choice) award in partnership with the CEA. 

The 12 startups selected: 

Smart Energy 

  • ENERGIENCY - SaaS analytic energy use software for industrial processes. Energiency is a technological solution entirely dedicated to Industry 4.0.
  • AMIRAL TECHNOLOGIES - offers predictive maintenance solutions for management and smart monitoring in the energy sector.

Smart Building

  • IRLYNX - sensing modules able to accurately identify people's presence and counting data, provided for smart building applications in terms of energy consumption, safety, and space optimisation. 
  • DIZMO - Interface of Things (TM), complete and flexible solution providing visual integration and data orchestration for smart buildings.  
  • DATAVEYES - easy-to-use devices able to extract and enhance information from data to support professionals in their communication in the fields of energy and construction.

Smart Product

  • ISYBOT - enhances competitiveness and the added value of manual functions without modifying the environment.
  • CARFIT MAINTENANCE PREDICTIVE - combines vibration science with at edge AI to anticipate maintenance needs. 

Smart Plant

  • TELL ME PLUS - automatisation and enhancement of predictive models to allow professionals to better manage their resources and operations in the industrial environment by the means of AI and Machine Learning technologies.
  • DI-ANALYSE SIGNAL - predictive maintenance system based on AI which ensures the quality of processes and the availability of equipment. 
  • PICOMTO - Web and mobile SaaS solution based on technical documentation used for production, maintenance and operations to implement visual instructions for smart and connected working methods.

 « COUP DE COEUR » AWARD : Amiral Technologies

For more information, visit the Digital Industry Award website